8 Best Email Marketing Software For Hotels In 2023

Email marketing can sound daunting, but it is incredibly effective and can help increase group bookings and revenue.

Simply put, the hotel email marketing tool utilizes the latest digital technologies to connect your customer to various digital channels to streamline manual procedures.

While email marketing software are strongly integrated within other industries, they remain relatively early for the hospitality sector, and many hotels fail to see all the potential they offer.

In fact, email marketing has a median ROI of $32 for $1 spent which is four times greater than any other marketing method including social media, direct mail, and paid advertising.


Hotel guests who received multiple pre-arrival & post arrival emails are 2.4 times more likely to come back to the hotel than those who receive only one follow-up email.


Hotel email marketing is important because it:

  • Provides a direct link between hotels and guests
  • Allows hotels to generate more direct bookings without spending on paid search
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty.
  • It is the best way to segment and send personalized offers to customers.

In order to enjoy the benefits of a hotel email marketing, you’ll need a robust platform that can integrate with your hotel PMS, handle the segmentation demands of recent email marketing trends.

The Best Hotel Email Marketing Software & Tools

We’ve selected eight top email marketing platforms proven to work for hotel email marketing campaigns.

The best hotel email marketing software and tools are:

  • Revinate
  • DailyPoint
  • ProfitRoom
  • Experience Hotel
  • GuestJoy
  • For-Sight
  • Cendyn

1. Revinate


Revinate helps hotels drive more revenue using email marketing by and upsells.

Revinate also integrates with a wide array of third-party tools including many property management system, such as Amadeus, Abode Booking & Opera.

Features include trigger-based messaging, upselling, and a full array of reporting. You can also preview your messages in various email clients, use geo-targeting and time-zone-based delivery.

Revinate Pricing

Revinate offers three different pricing plans, The Starter Plan, Pro Plan & Custom Plan

Revinate Starter Plan: With the starter plan, you get:

  • Hospitality CRM
  • PMS Segmentation
  • Campaign Automation
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Litmus Email Rendering
  • Campaign & Revenue Analytics
  • Performance Digests

Revinate Pro Plan: With the Pro plan, you get:

    • Includes All STARTER Features
    • + Drip Campaigns
    • + Qualification Campaigns
    • + Room & Amenity Upselling
    • + A/B Testing
    • + Database Insights
    • + Guest Preferences
    • + 100,000 Reachable Profiles

Revinate Custom Plan: With the custom plan, you get:

  • Includes All STARTER and PRO Features
  • + Full 360 View of Guests
  • + Advanced Integrations
  • + Advanced Segmentation
  • + Revinate University Certifications
  • + Customer Advisory
  • + Transactional Emails
  • + 100,000+ Reachable Profiles


2. DailyPoint

dailypoint hotel email marketing

DailyPoint™ stands out as it is one of the best PMS or individual hotels and hotel groups.

DailyPoint™ collects your guests’ data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website, newsletter or Wifi.

This data is used to create a complete guest profile, which will be needed in order for your hotel email marketing to be successful

With DailyPoint Loyalty you can drive direct bookings, increase loyalty and push your service on-site.

You can also run a bonus-program with multi-tiers, like big chains and airlines, or an exclusive member club.


3. ProfitRoom

profitroom email automation


ProfitRoom marketing automation has unique CRM functionalities which gives you the ability to get powerful data-driven insights that’ll help you optimize your email marketing strategy, so you can generate more revenue, grow guest engagement, nurture long-term relations and support your direct booking strategy

This easy-to-use hotel email marketing tool gives you the ability to effortlessly maintain contact with guests by segmenting, automating & sending relevant email campaigns.

Remember – a slick digital guest experience leads to profitable long-term guest relationships and will only further boost your direct booking


4. Experience Hotel


Experience Hotel CRM & Email Software


Experience Hotel email marketing tool stands out for its intuitive dashboard and easily-accessible features.

It’s user-friendly and also gives you the ability to send SMS campaigns to customers. They offer extensive training materials.

They include a variety of templates to run surveys, coupons, invitations, and add video. It is also a complete hotel customer relationship management system.

Experience hotel email marketing tool has so many intriguing, however the two features that standout out is their robust reporting system & customer analysis.

Robust Income Reporting Dashboard:

Thanks to Experience Hotel tracking system, all the reservations generated by your emailing campaigns are correctly identified, whether they are instantaneous or after a few days, whether they were made on one or more different devices (computer, tablet, etc.)

With the reporting system, you can also see how much money your campaigns are generating.


Customer Analysis

Using all the information gathered about your guests, the CRM establishes continuous contact with them at key points you decide, such as on their birthday, on personal occasions, a year after they left your hotel.


Experience Hotel Pricing

Experince hotel email tool has three different pricing plans:

Guest Relation Plan:

The Guest Relation plan starts at €95/Mo + €1 for additional room.

With this plan, you get access to basic tools you need to create a hotel email marketing campaigns.

All-in-One Plan:

This plan starts at €165/Mo + €1 for additional room.

It gives you access to everything in the guest relation plan, plus the marketing pack.

The marketing pack using all the information in the guest relation plan to create, segment & send personalized email marketing campaigns.

Marketing Plan:

The marketing plan starts at €95/Mo + €1 for additional room.

With this plan, you get access to the UDR (Centralised and unified guest database)

You will also be able to segment based on 40 criterions, create unlimited personalized email campaigns & track revenue generated from email campaigns & many more.




APSIS hotel email software


APSIS  is an easy-to-use hotel email marketing platform that offers essential tools for any hotelier who wants to manage and build great customer experiences.

With APSIS you get native integrations, the ability to personalize at scale and a state-of-the-art segmentation engine.

With APSIS you have the ability to automate your guest journey and use the data to drive more revenue & direct bookings.

This hotel email marketing platform has an A.I. powered image library that gives you free and unlimited access to + 10 million photos, icons and illustrations.

This feature allows you to select any text area (a headline, subheadline or paragraph) and then let an AI come up with a suggestion of relevant images that you can cherry-pick.

APSIS Pricing

APSIS has three pricing plans, the Lite Plan, Essential Plan & All-in-One Plan

APSIS Lite Plan

This plan starts at €100/Mo, with this plan you can do the basics things like creating and executing successful hotel email marketing campaigns.

APSIS Essential Plan

This plan starts at €210/Mo, with this plan you can do everything in the lite plan, plus ability to create email marketing automation, integrate API’s and send SMS.

APSIS All-in-One Plan

This plan starts at €330/Mo, with this plan you can do everything in the lite & essential plan, plus access to advanced personalization, website tool and custom events.


6. GuestJoy

guestjoy hotel email tool


With GuestJoy hotel email marketing software, you can convert existing customers into future reservations.

Unlike other email software platform like Mailchimp which cannot integrate with the PMS of a hotel, GuestJoy does that easily.

With GuestJoy CRM you can offer commission free upgrades to your guest, build customer and reduce commission paid to OTA’S.

This hotel email platform also gives you the ability to help your guest elevate their experience by allowing them their stay via upselling.

GuestJoy CRM pricing is based on the number of rooms your hotel have. For more info visit their pricing page


7. For-Sight

for-sight hotel crm


For-Sight does not just sell you a hotel CRM and expect you to figure out everything yourself.

They support you and your team with account setup, training sessions and educational resources so that you have the tools and know-how to use For-Sight to its full potential.

They also offer email marketing campaign management to hotels who need a helping hand.

For-Sight’s team of experts can work with you to plan out and set up your email campaigns, including designing  your email templates, setting up dynamic content, preparing your data and target segments and setting up any email automation.

They also provide a comprehensive analysis and feedback for any email campaigns they manage for you.

With detailed reporting available within For-Sight dashboard, their team can help you understand what is working and what could be optimized – and then put it in to action for you.

For-Sight pricing depends on the size of your hotel, your location etc.

8. Cendyn


cendyn hotel email platform

Cendyn is a hospitality marketing tool that’s focused on providing hoteliers around the globe with innovative technology solutions that drive more revenue, increase direct bookings and customer loyalty.

Cendyn eInsight CRM provides enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence to enhance the experience throughout the guest journey

With Cendyn’s CRM you can also use rich guest profile data to define and segment target audiences based on past stay history, preferences, loyalty status, guest lifetime value score and more.

While Flexi gives you the ability to set up, manage  & sell personalized ancillary offerings while delighting guests throughout the guest journey

Cendyn’s eLoyalty  gives you the ability to builds long-term relationships with your best guests, so they keep coming back.

The eLoyalty platform which is powered by a powerful CMS enables you enables you to easily manage your own content, images and offers.

This gives you the ability to seamlessly run and maintain all aspects of a loyalty program for any type of hotel or brand.


Email Marking Still Works, Don’t Miss Out


Email marketing is still the best marketing strategy available to hoteliers. And if you’re not leveraging it as much as possible, then you’re missing out on sales, direct bookings and repeat customers.

The hotel email marketing tools on this list provide a set of features that enable you to get the absolute maximum from your email campaigns.

These hotel email softwares will help you achieve a range of goals, use it and see your sales & revenue, direct booking increase.