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Spikeplugg s a full-service email marketing agency. We help Startups, B2B companies & E-commerce brands set up and manage email campaigns that guarantee sales & booked meetings.

In order to write effective email campaigns and contents you must first understand your ideal client avatar. You must know their pain points, problems and desires.

Once you know these, you need to bridge the gap between their current situation and their desired situation by placing your products as the solution/vehicle to get them there throughout your  sales copy.

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One of the most important aspects when it comes to effective copywriting is the ability to craft copy that strikes a nerve and sparks emotion.

When you can spark emotion you create that “Aha” moment that makes them believe this product/ service can solve my problem.  Which in turn leads to add to carts, checkouts & sales.

Writing expert-level  email campaigns  that generate quality leads and sales is what we do best.  

The Spikeplugg Approach.

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We do care about your brand. We treat it as if it was our own. The recommendations we make to our clients are the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies. Without regard to our own interest.

Here at Spikeplugg we’ve worked with the best in the industry. Our mission is to produce millions of dollars in return on investment. We do away with the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most agencies. 

The sales copy, email campaigns and contents we produce is meant to generate quality leads and sales for your business.

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