Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns

Some e-com stores owners think that the only to get people who abandoned their carts to check out is by giving discount
You’ve to realize that the reason why someone visited your store is that they have a problem.

Either they’re struggling with pain or they just need that will make them sleep better.
Recently worked with a client who’s abandoned carts were entirely focused on using discounts to get people to check out.

Rewrote the campaign and used our own strategy.
i.e. instead of using discounts to get people to check out.

We focused on:
✅ Reminding people about their problems
✅ Telling them how the product can help them ease their pain
✅ And lastly, letting them know the consequences of not taking action.

The abandoned carts flow went from generating $1200/Mo to generating $5700 in two weeks.
Try this method out and see the results

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