Yep, Ahrefs Search Engine That Rewards Content Creators

Yep, you heard it!

Ahrefs recently launched Yep, a search engine that rewards creators.

I believe by now you already have a lot of questions like

What is Yep, How does it work?, Who is behind it?

Is it better than other search engines like Google & DuckDuckGo?

In this post, we will cover all of that.

Yep search engine

What is Yep?


Yep is a creator-friendly search engine whose profit model is to share 90% of ad revenue with content creators.

What this means is that assuming Yep earns $100M next year, $90M will be given to content creators.

According to founders, Yep is unique because it runs on its search index, rather than relying on APIs from Google or Bing.

According to the founders, building Yep cost a total of $60M without external investment!

The search engine already has 1,000 servers already spun up, storing more than 100 petabytes of data, and they have a goal of hundreds or thousands of high-end servers running under full load 24/7.


Who Are the Founders of Yep?

Yep is founded by Dmytro Herasymenko, who is also the CEO of Ahrefs, a search engine optimization software that many bloggers, content creators & SEO agencies use,  keyword research etc.

According to the team behind it, Yep was built from the ground up so that they could give 90% of their ad revenue to content creators.


Yep Vs Google Vs DuckDuckGo


Google is like the officer general of search engines – since they overthrew Yahoo, they have been the default search engine for 80% of people who use the internet.

When DuckDuckGo launched, their marketing proposition was that they would respect and protect your privacy.

Now a new search engine called Yep just launched, and what’s their hook and value proposition?

From what I can tell, Yep is trying to get people to use their platform by rewarding content creators with 90% of their ad revenue.

However, I checked out their website, and I was not able to find a way to monetize or get paid as creators. Maybe that’s a feature that will roll out later.


Yep Review – Is it Worth it?


yep search engine review


Since Yep is a newly launched search engine, I don’t want to start judging them.

However, from searches I’ve made, here are the good and bad things I’ve noticed.

  • Outdated Search Results

It seems like the Ahrefs bot which has been crawling websites since 2010, does not frequently crawl and update websites information.

For instance, if you look at the image above, you will notice that it’s showing information from 2020 instead of 2022.

Taking over 2 years to discover modified content can have a great impact on displaying fresh content and website migration.

  • Speed

I searched for outdoor equipment, and it took more than 30 seconds to display a result, that’s the same amount of time it would take to watch a WhatsApp status or TikTok video.

In a world where the average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds, if Yep really wants to attract customers to their platform, they need to improve their speed.

  • Impressive Design

, the design is one of the things that I love about this platform.

The font color and UI compliments each other


  • Independent

Yep, this newly launched search engine does not rely on search data from other search engines Google and Bing  Yahoo, DuckDuckGo &

I honestly believe that Yep’s decision to not rely on search data from other search engines is a good decision.

Because if you want to become a big player in this industry that’s monopolistic, you have to at least be independent or else you can get destroyed by competitors.



Yep is a newly launched search engine, so I don’t expect them to be perfect right from the get-go.

Since some information displayed on their platform is not up-to-date, I recommend you continue to search elsewhere.

With that said, I honestly believe in the vision of the founders and if they play their cards well, in the next 5 years they should at least be able to dine with the big boys like Google.