8 Best Books On Cold Emailing

There are a lot of books on selling & prospecting; however, there are few books that talk about cold emailing.

Whether you want to increase your cold email open rate, reply rate or book more meetings using cold emails, there’s a book for you.

The art of cold emailing is something a lot of sales professionals find challenging.

Books on cold email written by sales pro who have been selling for more than a decade will offer you more value than your best cold email course.



Here are the best books on cold emailing

  • Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler
  • Outbounding – William Miller
  • Sell The Meeting –  Scott Channell
  • Problem Prospecting 
  • Sales Differentiation – Lee B. Salz
  • Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff
  • Conversations That Win Complex Sales
  • The Cold Email Manifesto – Alex Berman & Robert Indries.

1. Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler


books on cold emailing - predicatble revenue


Outbound sales have changed the way B2B deals are initiated.
Prospects who are more likely to spend hundreds or even millions of dollars on your product or service are busy.
For you to get in touch with this prospect, you have to send them a cold email, cold call them, or if you’re lucky – you get a referral.
Predictable Revenue is a book on cold emails that gives you a step-by-step guide on how to source leads, qualify them and set sales appointments using cold emails
Every business owner wants to be able to predict their revenue right innit?
We want to know that if we send 20 cold emails, we can book a meeting with 5 qualified leads.
And out of the 5 leads we booked a meeting with, we can convert three into paying customers, which will result in $XX over time.
Predictable revenue stands against the notion that” more is not better. Better is better.
In traditional sales, you’re told that if you want to increase revenue or sell more, all you have to do is higher more sales reps.
I think this book was written for companies who have big deal size combined with a large sales team. 

2. Outbounding – William Miller


books on cold emailing - outbounding

 As the founder of Spikeplugg, an email marketing agency that helps growth-focused companies generate leads and sales, I found this book on cold email very helpful.

In this book, Skip talks about the best framework, words and approach to use in order to set appointments with prospects using cold emails, text and cold calling.

This book covers every part of a successful outbound sales process from the right attitude, the right messaging, sample emails, the value proposition, and how to handle the most common objections.
I think the most important part was: how to set up cold email followup sequences that book meetings.

I think this value-packed book on cold email should be on the desk of every sales rep who uses cold email or cold calls to get in touch with ideal clients.

Unlike order books on outbound prospecting, there are a lot of cold email, cold cal and voice mail scripts you can copy and customize.

You’ll also learn the difference between an above-the-line and  a below-the-line buyer and how to connect with them.

Outbounding was published in 2020, which as it stands now it is one of the latest books on cold emailing.

Whether you run a big business or have a big sales team, this book on cold emailing is a must-read, because it shows you how to balance your efforts using a mix of email, social, and phone calls.

3. Sell The Meeting – Scott Channell


sell the meeting - books on cold emailing


How many times have you been told by your favorite cold email guru that the goal of a cold email is to sell the meeting?

But how exactly do you sell the meeting?

Sell the Meeting by Scott Channell is one of the best books on cold emailing because it shows you how to set discovery calls, sales appointments to close new accounts.

And to top it off, this book on cold emailing is written by a man who has booked 2000+ sales appointments with prospects, 85% of which were with C-level decision-makers.

This book covers two things:

  • How to earn attention and interactions with top decision makers with prospects that are similar to your best clients.
  • When you earn that often momentary attention, communicating something substantial, credible and different enough to enable someone who is going to write a big check to conclude you are worth more of their time.

So if you’re new to sales or a hardened sales-veteran, you’ll benefit from the experience from Scott’s thousands of B2B appointments. Stop hoping and start booking more meeting.


4. Problem Prospecting



As a sales professional, have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting frustrated every single day because nobody is responding positively to your cold emails?

Problem Prospecting is one of the books on cold email that contains actionable strategies, frameworks, scripts and tips on how to set appointments with ideal clients using cold emailing and cold calls.

This is one of the books on cold emails that is written by sales leaders who have been selling for more than 30 years.

The tips and strategies in this book are not outdated or theory-based. They’re actionable and practical.

Another reason why this material is one of the best books on cold email is that the sales framework can be customized to fit any industry and end-user.

From marketing agencies to SaaS, to partnerships.  Just make it your own and start booking meetings.


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5. Sales Differentiation – Lee B. Salz


Sales Differentiation - books on cold emailing


How many times have you been told by other sales professionals that the best way to book meetings with prospects or even win deals in a competitive industry is to be different? How many times?

When sales professionals reach out to ideal customers, they claim that their product or service is the best in the  market.

For example, “We have the best (insert feature here)” or “We have the best implementation and customer success” or  “We are the best positioned to help you achieve (insert benefit)

The reason why this method is not that effective in a competitive industry, is because your competitors also claim their companies and their products are “the best.”

As a result, prospects and buyers disregard such claims, leaving price as the only perceived differentiator.

Although this material is not one of the books that was written specifically for cold emails.

It shows you how to:

  • Differentiate through what you sell and how you sell,
  • Back every claim with PROOF – show, don’t tell.
  • Find differentiators in every nook and cranny of the company using the six components of the “Sales Differentiation Universe.”
  • Understand what their true differentiators are and how to effectively position them with buyers.
  • Develop strategies to engage buyers and turn buyer objections into sales differentiation opportunities, and more.

If you are a salesperson who wants to stand out in a crowd, grab a copy of Lee Salz’s book,”Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want


6. Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff


books on cold email - pitch anything


Though this is not one of the books on cold emails, I mean, it’s not one of the books that was specifically written on cold emails.

This book will not only give you better tactics but strategies on how to pitch ideas, products, or services, and also change the way you think.

With the tips and tricks Oren talked about in this book, you can learn how to craft powerful cold email scripts and sequences.

There is a big disconnect between the way the pitch is given and the way it is received by the “target”

This means that the way you expect your cold emails to come across, is completely different from how the prospects view it.

On Pitch Anything, Oren talked about the six-step method he has used to raise tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

The six-step methods cover how to:

1. Set the frame
2. Tell the story
3. Reveal the intrigue
4. Offer the prize
5. Nail the hook point
6. Get the deal

Though this is not one of the books on cold email, I strongly recommend you get this book if you’re in sales.


7. Cold Email Manifesto – Alex Berman & Robert Indries


cold email manifesto - books on cold email


As it stands now, Cold email manifesto by Alex Berman is one of the latest books on cold email that goes in depth on how to use cold email to book meetings, predictably fill your pipelines and get new clients.

Cold email manifesto was written by Alex Berman & Robert Indries, the founders of X27.

The reason why this book is one of the best books on cold emails is because it covers actionable & practical guides on how to use cold emails to:

* Pitch companies that do not know you in order to get what you want

* Clone your most profitable client

* Add predictability to your sales pipeline

* Best cold email template 2022


8. Conversations That Win Complex Sales


best books on cold emailing

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know how to craft a killer cold email that will make a prospect feel stupid if they don’t respond to it?
The reason why this book is on our list of the best books on cold emailing, is because it talks about how to use powerful messaging to create more opportunities, differentiate your product or service, and close more deals.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by finding your “Value Wedge”
  • Avoid parity in your value propositions by creating “Power Positions”
  • Create a message that can literally double the number of deals you close
  • Spike customer attention and create “Wow” in your conversations
  • Prove all your claims without resorting to lists of boring facts and statistics.